Laser Products

Inlight is a HK precision optics and machinery manufacturer. Our factories are located at Beijing and Xinhui Guangdong. We own the design patents of our own developed machineries and laser optics.

Galvo scanning mirrors in laser applications

  • We offer durable high reflection dielectric coatings and metal coatings for galvo mirrors in various laser system applications
  • Galvo scanning mirrors’ materials including fused silica, silicon, silicon carbide
  • Galvo scanning mirrors are from 3mm to 50mm apertures
  • Galvo scanning mirrors are mounted; after mounting, its fringes, centering and position are fully inspected
  • We support customer to replace scanning mirrors glued on galvo motors

F-theta in laser applications

  • Used with 10mm, 14mm, 20mm and 30mm laser apertures
  • EFL effective focal length from 167mm to 460mm
  • In house design and custom-made F-theta lens for various applications such as telecentric, large field, coaxial and high laser power