Standard and Custom Machineries

Inlight develops a series of machineries for chamfering, grinding and polishing for plano, spherical & cylindrical surfaces ideal for machining materials such as optical glass, fused silica, crystals and some materials used in electronics. In addition to our standard machines, we provide custom-made machineries to fit different production needs.

Machine specifications are available for printing, the English version will be provided upon request.

Chamfering Machines 万能倒角机
chamfermc-photo.jpg chamfermc.jpg

Two Spindal Cylindrical Machines 双轴柱面机
sixspindlepolishmc-photo.jpg twospindlecylmc.jpg

Four Spindal Cylindrical Machines 四轴柱面机
fourspindlecylmc-photo.jpg fourspindlecylmc.jpg

Six Spindal Polishing Machines 单双摆六轴机
sixspindlecylmc-photo.jpg six.jpg

Four Spindal Polishing Machines 双摆四轴机

Grinding Machines 单轴压杠机
grindmc-photo.jpg grindmc.jpg